Flyer (NLE)

Ground breaking software including Non Linear Editing of videos. Includes the following features:
  • Editing and sequencing of video clips, Audio clips Framestores, CG and effects.
  • Drag and drop storyboard interface
  • Graphic representation of all crouton types (A4000 - 64 color, A2000 - 16 gray)
  • Multiple switcher modes: File Management, Project editing, Switcher view for live production
  • Fully automatic A/B roll editing
  • Record video with audio or audio-only clips.

Here is the full source for you to study/enjoy:

Part 1 - Direct Downlaod (4.6 MB)
Part 2 - Direct Download (4.3 MB)
Edit - Direct Download (4.0 MB)
DSP - Direct Download (264 K)



























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