DiscreetFX Acquires Millennium from Nova Design

Chicago, Illinois & Richmond, VA – August 31st, 2004

Chicago, Illinois & Richmond, VA – August 31st, 2004

Visual FX company DiscreetFX LLC Inc., acquired all remaining stock and all rights to the Amiga Video Toaster Flyer software package Millennium held by Nova Design, Inc.

"Earlier this year the Founder of DiscreetFX approached us about aquiring Millennium and I am now happy to report we have reached an agreement and have completed this.", stated Kermit Woodall; Nova Design CEO. DiscreetFX has purchased all remaining copies of this great add-on software toolset for the Amiga Video Toaster Flyer. DiscreetFX Founder Bill Panagouleas stated, "Millennium represents a good fit for the direction my company is going. DiscreetFX has some interesting plans for Millennium that will be part of the Open Video Toaster Project."

If you are not aware of the many powerful features that Millennium gives your Amiga Toaster/Flyer, DiscreetFX will shortly be making available a video that demonstrates its features for only the cost of shipping. DiscreetFX also welcomes feedback and suggestions from the Millennium community, and we want your feature requests and suggestions on the direction you would like to see this software package go in the future.

For more information about Millennium please access the following web link.


About DiscreetFX

DiscreetFX creates Real-time transitions and effects seen on over 100 television programs including Blind Date, 5th Wheel, Shipmates and more! You can also see DiscreetFX software used on the following networks HBO, Showtime, Discovery Channel, PBS, Fox and many more!

Original Annoucement from Nova Design & NewTek about Millennium's Release

Nova Design and NewTek Announce the Availability of Millennium

The Millennium is Here!

Millennium for the Amiga Video Toaster/Flyer is here now. It's extremely cool, it's wildly powerful, and it will give your Toaster and Toaster/Flyer amazing new powers to help you make your work look better than ever before!

The Millennium package is presented by NewTek and has been produced by Nova Design, Inc. in cooperation with all prominent Toaster/Flyer developers. It is not to be missed.

What's Inside

Millennium is not merely a single package. It is a collection of software, scripts, effects, fonts, backgrounds, and other content designed to update your Video Toaster and Flyer dramatically. Millennium was designed to be the largest, most comprehensive, upgrade you could put on your system. Millennium is for the Toaster owner as well as the Flyer owner.

You'll find some old favorites are now part of the Millennium package. Some packages you will be familiar with and some will be brand new to you. Some existing packages have been upgraded significantly for the Millennium release and some have been made Toaster-friendly and Flyer-friendly as well. Here is a list of what you will find in Millennium.

Wipe Studio - You may be familiar with the 'lite' version-but this is the complete package! Use it to create your own wipes and effects for the Toaster and Flyer.

RenderFX - Upgraded for Millennium, this package allows you to render your FlyerClip sequences down to a new FlyerClip. You can then layer more video, CG, and effects for a far more impressive production.

Flyer Utilities - Includes utilities for converting Toaster wipes between 3.x and 4.x formats, Undeleting FlyerClips, Timecoding and much more.

ProMix - Also upgraded for Millennium, this package provides audio tools to let you add audio to video, import/export audio formats, add audio to FlyerClips and animations, and more.

Fast Frames - Allows you to 'Toasterize' your Video Flyer by pre-recording CG sequences, Framestore montages, and create flying CG effects and more.

Fast Fuel - Adds video deck control to the Toaster/Flyer interface for automatic clip recording.

Electric Scene Knife - This can save you literally hours of work. The Knife can take a FlyerClip and automatically find the different scenes within it, mark them, and even offer to cut them into separate FlyerClips for you.

Flyer Backup - A script based system that can backup your actual FlyerClips to a hard drive or to removable media.

CGPilot - The famous CG ARexx scripts that automate many time consuming CG tasks.

Toaster Wipes and Effects - There are hundreds of these and most are available for both Toaster 3.x and 4.x so both Toaster and Flyer owners can use them. These include wedding wipes, fire wipes, basic animated wipes, cool soft gradient wipes, and fully rotoscoped motion matte wipes.

MegFX - 41 Flyer-project croutons, which produce real-time dual-stream split-screen effects and real-time layer-mixed dual-stream effects directly in Flyer projects.

Backgrounds - Hundreds of full color, professionally drawn, backgrounds for you to use in your CG pages or in ToasterPaint. Control Tower - Adds tons of new effects and macros to your Flyer system.

Full motion backgrounds - FlyerClips of animated scenes, fire, and more. You can use these with your Flyer for CG backgrounds or as royalty-free stock footage.

There are many other features of Millennium. We've really just touched the surface of all the tools and content that are included in Millennium to make your Toaster and Flyer more productive for you. Millennium also includes hundreds of new ARexx commands for scripting, programmer's manuals for the ProMix and RenderFX tools and more.

The package includes three CDROMs filled with wipes, effects, fonts, backgrounds, software and more; full printed documentation, a video tape containing demos of the package, tutorials, and promotions for other Toaster/Flyer products.
Check this out!

Millennium is available from your favorite Amiga Video Toaster/Flyer reseller. The suggested resale price is only $349.95 and you can order now!

This upgrade is the largest-ever for the Toaster and the Toaster/Flyer. Order today!
For more information or to order Millennium for the Amiga Toaster/Flyer directly, you can call 1-310-658-6968 Monday-Sunday.
Welcome...the new Millennium!      


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