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Directed By Bill Panagouleas

 Bill originally bought the Amiga computer way back in 1988 because he saw its potential for creativity and filmmaking. Being an actor and filmmaker is something Bill always had a passionate interest in. The release of the Video Toaster in 1991 allowed Bill to start his company DiscreetFX. He finally realized his dream of filmmaking with a NewTek TriCaster when he was an Executive Producer for the documentary Viva Amiga. Later, he worked on the film Amiga Alive and Kicking by crafting the Bonus Feature Video on the Blu Ray Disc of the film. He also created several minutes of video within the main movie. Now, with "Welcome To NewTek" Bill gets the opportunity to create his own full feature length  Documentary about the history and origin of NewTek Inc.

Creative Director Andy Panagouleas

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  Executive Producer Michael Panagouleas   

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Before YouTube there was the Video Toaster

A Documentary About NewTek Inc.  


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