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DiscreetFX was founded in 1995 to give clients that final missing piece of the video puzzle to help them build stunning Cloud based video broadcasts by using our unique visual effects libraries for Final Cut Pro X and NewTek's TriCaster™ family of products. In the distant past when the world was in Standard-definition we also developed for VT[5], SpeedEDIT 2 and the Amiga Video Toaster. We are a NewTek and Apple Final Cut Pro X 3rd party developer.

DiscreetFX visual effects products are created with the latest version of LightWave 3D from NewTek and other cutting edge multi-platform software tools. Our products help clients worldwide save time and money because they don't have to worry about the time intensive task of hand building effects; we have already taken care of that for them. Our products are very easy to use (most are drag and drop). Also we have studied and researched the visual effects field and tried to invent new unique software tools that you will not find elsewhere.

Many of our products are created using powerful NewTek products like the TriCaster & LightWave 3D since they are modern day visual effects developer tools. We listen intensively to our customers and always welcome feedback both positive and negative. We welcome your opinion and always use it to try and better our companies mission to serve our customers. If you have questions about one of our products or have a concern please send us an e-mail.

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Founded in Los Angeles, California

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