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The Video Toaster® of the 21st century is now called TriCaster®. It's a all in one portable solution for editing, live switching, streaming and creating YouTube videos on the internet and much more. However, 100,000 years ago the Video Toaster® began its journey on the well known Amiga® platform. The original Video Toaster® product was a combination of hardware and software for the editing and production of standard-definition NTSC video on Amiga personal computers.

In 2004 the Amiga version of the Video Toaster® went "Open Source", thanks to NewTek, DiscreetFX, Bill Evans, Aaron Ruchetta and a few others. That code is available on this site. The source code is under an open source license, which allows anyone to freely improve upon it.

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Open Video Toaster's Construction Worker Sandee™



4 Input Switcher
Preview and Program outputs
3 Frame Buffers
24bit, 8 fields realtime frame capture
Character Generation
Realtime transitional effects including Dissolve, 2-D Wipes, Color Amimation Wipes, Covers, Slides, Oragnic Effects, Fire Efects, Digital Effects
Audio Effects
24 bit painting
Optional 3D Rendering with Aladdin4D
Arexx Control
Chroma Effects
Color Correction of surfaces: A surface of an object may have a virtually infinite amount of textures, shaders etc layered on it.

Open Video Toaster gives you the freedom to peer review and update the source code to work on your AmigaOS 3.x, 4.x, ApolloOS, AROS or MorphOS as a video editing solution with an easy to use GUI.


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Open Video Toaster's future depends on you. We host the source code but if you want cool entry level video editing for AmigaOS 3.x/4.x, Apollo Team's Vampire V4 running ApolloOS, MorphOS 3.x, AROS and  Linux the code will have to be updated.


Open Video Toaster is a retro, open source, entry level, easy to use editing/effects/switcher package for AmigaOS. It's great for beginner coders and retro video editors. Customers that want the latest technology in internet streaming, all in one portable video editing / live video production should purchase one of NewTek's Emmy award winning TriCasters®.

System Requirements

The Amiga Video Toaster 4000 currenty works on AGA based Amiga's with Video slots. The Flyer card requires an available Zorro II or Zorro III slot. Older Amiga's with video slots can also use the Video Toaster 4000 but AGA color effects are not supported. If the source code is updated it may also work on Amiga Virtual Machines, FPGA based Amiga's, MorphOS and Apollo Teams Vampire hardware. It may also work on Amiga Reloaded when it gets released. Please try the new Toasterless Build on your Amiga like platform of choice.    

Open Video Toaster is targeted to the platforms listed below.

AmigaOS 4.x

MorphOS 3.x





NewTek Amiga Sources


DigiPaint 4





Open Source Builds

Toasterless GUI

Complete Source

3rd Party Amiga Video Toaster Software


ProWave Software


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